The finest hand selected local beef matured to perfection. Try our unique Himalayan Salt Chamber Dry Aged Beef that concentrates and seals in flavour in a way you won't have experienced before and our delicious Glenarm Shorthorn Beef.


Our lamb has roamed and grazed freely on lush pastures of Northern Ireland and when in season we offer exquisite Glenarm Estate Lamb that gives a delicate flavour and tenderness beyond compare.

Pork & Bacon

Try our award-winning Moyallon bacon and sausage products, made exclusively with quality Northern Irish pork. Our bacon is cured using a time-honoured and flavour-enhancing natural process.


We have a full offering of poultry that includes Armagh’s Rockvale Poultry. Rockvale birds are slow-raised to ensure they are extra-succulent when they reach your plate.


Our award-winning burgers deserve the care and attention you’d lavish on a good steak, because they are made from the same high quality meat.


All our sausages are mixed in-house, giving us full control over the quality of the sausage-meat, seasoning and finished product.


Treat yourself or someone else to A FABULOUS meat HAMPER


3 Star 

Koji Pork Ribs

2 Star

Smoked Bacon Rack
Spice Rack
Miso Cured Bone in Bacon Belly
Miso Marinated Bone in Pork Belly

1 Star

Porchetta da Pierto
Cinnamon Bacon

4 Gold Awards for:

• Glenarm Shorthorn Ribeye Steak Aged for 42 Days, then frozen and held for 4 months
• Glenarm Shorthorn Ribeye Steak aged for 60 Days
• Glenarm Shorthorn Sirloin Steak aged for 42 Days
• Glenarm Shorthorn Sirloin Steak aged for 35 Days

• Gold Award – Boneless Pastrami Short Rib

• Best in Class – Moyallon Air Dried Streaky Bacon

• Silver – White Pudding with Smoked Bacon and Leek

• Bronze – Beef Bacon

3 Star

• Sugar Pit Bone in Bacon Loin

2 Star

• Himalayan Salt Aged Bone in Wing Rib
• Sugar Pit Boneless Bacon Loin
• Himalayan Salt Aged Bone in Sirloin Joint
• Sugar Pit Bacon Ribs
• Himalayan Salt Aged Bone in Fillet
• Pastrami Boneless Beef Short Rib
• Confit Beef Cheeks
• Lamb Shoulder Part Boned
• Sugar Pit Ham Hocks

1 Star

• Himalayan Salt Aged Bone in Sirloin Steak
• Porchetta
• Dry Cure Middle Bacon

Lifetime Achievement presented to Peter Hannan





Peter Hannan

Founder & MD of Hannan Meats

Born in Co. Kildare Ireland (quite some time ago) Peter started in the meat trade in 1979.
Spending some years running abattoirs and processing facilities in the US and UK, he returned to Northern Ireland in 1989 and started his own business supplying foodservice. 

Hannan Meats supply in excess of 400 restaurants throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe, including many household names.

Peter is also involved in other food related businesses, and plays an active role in helping small Artisan producers get their products to market.

Placing a great emphasis on traditional yet innovative values the company has earned a wide ranging reputation for its traditionally cured bacon products and Himalayan Salt Aged Beef.

Hannan Meats is a stakeholder in the Glenarm Shorthorn Beef Producer Group, exclusively retailed here and at Fortnum and Mason, London.

In 2009 he opened The Meat Merchant shop supplying the same restaurant quality meat at wholesale prices to the public.